Virtual Assistants For Insurance Agents

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Virtual Assistants For Insurance Agents

eDesk provides insurance agencies and brokers with Virtual Assistants specialized to the industry and are specific to an agent's business needs. We have built our reputation of delivering outstanding services to our clients while reducing overhead costs contributing to increase in cash flows.

Virtual Assistants For Insurance Agents

Who Uses eDesk & What Do They Use Us For

Here are a few examples of who & what our VA’s do across the country (Mouse Over Images To View).

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Virtual Assistants
Tasks Undertaken


Happy To Review eDesk

"eDesk has been great for our agency. We're using two Virtual Assistant companies presently & we see a night and day difference between eDesk & the other company. Their end product is great. We're very pleased."

Max Olson
Olson Insurance Agency

Very Happy

"We are happy with the services provided by eDesk. We have been using them for six months now. They have helped free up time for revenue generating activities. Highly recommend them!"

Aaron Friedman
Apex Insurance Partners

Above and Beyond

"I most appreciate the eDesk team as they have gone above and beyond what they promised us in our engagement. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues and associates in the industry."

Tony Alessandra
Insurance Solutions

Meet Your eDesk Virtual Assistant

More than just Virtual Assistants, we are college educated insurance professionals. We are put through a rigorous, multi-step training process which covers every aspect of insurance.

Virtual Assistant Supervision

We are supervised by US based licensed agents with years of agency experience. The licensed agents help you & us the VAs as needed, to transfer knowledge or even process complex scenarios.

Meet Your eDesk Virtual Assistant
Save Money

Commercial & Personal Tasks Undertaken

Our VAs Can Handle Over 50 + Agency Tasks, including:

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    Quotes & Proposals
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    Renewals & Remarkets
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    Endorsements & Evidences
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    Policy Checking
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    Direct Bill & Agency Bill Reconciliation
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    And More
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Engagement Options

Depending on the size of your agency and your needs we offer solutions to fit your budget.

eDesk Dedicated VA

Perfect for established agencies with a steady workload. Hire a Full Time or Part Time VA dedicated to your agency.

eDesk On Demand VA

Perfect for growing agencies with sporadic workload. Hire a VA on demand for as little as 15 Hours per month.

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Meet Your eDesk Virtual Assistant
Hire Virtual Assistant

Why Use a Virtual Assistant?

Most insurance agencies share the same common problem. Good help is hard to find and even harder to keep. Especially with entry level positions. Recruits are demanding more benefits, higher wages and more flexible schedules. Recruitment, interviewing and training is soaking up most of your managers and supervisors time.
Solution: Hire a Virtual Assistant From eDesk

Save Money!

Expenses are on the rise, and let’s face it, insurance carriers aren’t planning on raising commissions any time soon. How do you save money and get your business growing?
Solution: Hire a Virtual Assistant From eDesk

Save Money


Found Our Solution

"We have found eDesk to be very proactive in their work. Having experienced staff in insurance, took away our reservation about the training & level of experience their staff might have."

Cathy Biby
Insurance Risk Partners

Very Satisfied With eDesk

"The eDesk team is qualified and very responsive. They have helped improve productivity at our agency and are quick to adapt to our changing needs."

Chase Fiscus
Fiscus Commercial Insurance

Appreciate Their Support

"I have been working with eDesk for almost one year. I have experienced them as having a professional staff, responsive, always available. I appreciate all of their hard work and the support they give my agency."

Andre Mendez
Faculty Insurance

What are the requirements to start with eDesk?

We have three requirements that allow us to deliver services for your agency.

  • Access to any web-based agency management system.
  • Access to your carriers.
  • Access client information, documents & relevant data.

What’s the difference between On Demand VA & Dedicated VA?

Dedicated VA: A fully trained & experienced VA is assigned to your agency. Each day the same VA works on your agency tasks at the assigned time slot.
On Demand VA: Your work is processed by a pool of VA’s who work for multiple clients. We use a ticketing system to receive & process tasks on a first in first out task basis.

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Free Tools

Free to use tools developed by the eDesk team for the benefit of Insurance agents

Paid Tools Developed By eDesk For Insurance Agents

Like many great tools, eDesk ended up developing tools that were born out of a business need. We found that our clients were finding it a challenge to streamline some processes like collection of data, centralized customer support & document storage. Unable to find an efficient solution we built software to address each of the pain points. We offer these tools for a nominal monthly subscription to any agent regardless of them using eDesk as a service.

Formster - Digital Insurance
Formster - Digital Insurance Forms

Formster allows you to link popular quote and service insurance forms to your agency’s website allowing clients and prospective clients 24x7x365 access to request your services.
Save time. Save Money. Reduce Errors.

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Ticketify - Customer Service Software
Ticketify - Customer Service Software

Use the power of collaborative ticketing to deliver the best customer experience. Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right agents and leverage the power of your entire Organization to deliver customer delight.

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Gain clear insights into employee activities leading with insights into productivity. Understand how your team works – from everywhere! Empower your people, hone healthy work habits, and optimize processes so you can do great things. Spotlight Patterns That Fuel Success. Track Time & Tasks With Timers, Random Auto Screenshots & More

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Policy Locker - Digital Document Storage
Policy Locker - Digital Document Storage

Upload, Store, Access & Share Policy Documents On Any Device From Anywhere Anytime. Track & Share With Your Clients Vendors Or Inhouse Team.

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