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Who We Are

Los Angeles based eDesk is managed by a team of insurance professionals with deep experience in the Industry.
We provide agencies with qualified US & India based Virtual Assistants / CSRs to undertake several time consuming and mundane agency tasks that hinder the agencies from focusing on profitable activities & growth.

Virtual Assistants For Insurance Agents

Why Companies Like Yours Choose eDesk

eDesk expert support
Expert Support & Partnership

We are a fully trained & experienced team of Insurance professionals. Be It Personal or commercial - From New business to policy servicing our team has experience handling over 50 Agency tasks.

Hybrid Model
Hybrid Model

Our Management team & supervisors are licensed agents located in the US supported by a larger team in India - the global leader is outsourcing.

Built For Any Size
Built For Any Size

Whether you are an established agency with a steady workload or a growing agency with sporadic workload, we have a solution for you.

Getting Started With eDesk Is Easy

Onboarding Meeting

Onboarding Meeting

Everything begins with a zoom meeting. We take the time to understand your business needs, tasks you need help with, anticipated volume & expected turnaround times, your agency management system, workflows & more.

People & Technology Setup

People & Technology Setup

We match your needs with a Supervisor & Virtual Assistant best suited for your business.
We set up a US Based Virtual Desktop Computer for use by the VA exclusively for your agency.
We test connectivity to your agency management system & carriers is needed.

Start Work

Start Work

On a predetermined date you can start assigning work to the assigned VA through the agency management system or email.
The assigned VA logs in to work on your tasks at the designated time each day.
A Day end report of work done is emailed each day.
You can communicate with your VA via text messaging / email/ phone / zoom etc.

Ongoing Improvement

Ongoing Improvement

Like with any new hire inhouse or remote it takes a few days for everything to fall in place. Our supervisors work with you ↦ the VA to make sure we meet your expectations.

What are the requirements to start with eDesk?

We have three requirements that allow us to deliver services for your agency.

  • Access to any web-based agency management system.
  • Access to your carriers.
  • Access client information, documents & relevant data.

What’s the difference between On Demand VA & Dedicated VA?

Dedicated VA: A fully trained & experienced VA is assigned to your agency. Each day the same VA works on your agency tasks at the assigned time slot.
On Demand VA: Your work is processed by a pool of VA’s who work for multiple clients. We use a ticketing system to receive & process tasks on a first in first out task basis.

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Concerned About E & O Coverage ?

We Got You Covered !

Pilot expert support
Error & Omissions

Our service covers your agency as an additional insured for any errors or omissions risks during the course of our work.

Icon representing reporting functionality
Privacy Breach

We cover you for any privacy and data breach risks just like you may currently have covered your agency from the risks.

Illustration showing an office building
Data Security

The security of customer data is very important to us. We implement security procedures to provide highest level of security possible.

Benefits Of Using eDesk

Pilot expert support

Improved Customer Service

In today’s fast past world, customers expect immediate service. We ensure the most timely and accurate processing of all tasks related to your clients' insurance policy needs.

Pilot expert support

Increased Sales

Delegating certain tasks to eDesk saves you valuable time. Your staff can focus on growing both existing and new accounts. Get everyone in your agency focused on generating profitable revenue.

Pilot expert support

Get More Done For Less

Reduce your workload, turnaround times and cost, while increasing; accuracy, productivity, capacity and ultimately increase profitability.

Pilot expert support

Balance Your Work Day

Delegating certain tasks in the policy lifecycle to a Virtual CSR at eDesk helps your agency find the balance needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Overcome The Skill Shortage

The insurance workforce is beginning to retire at a rate that is crippling agencies of all sizes. With eDesk, you will never run short of talented people to help run your agency.

Pilot expert support

Better Relationships

With more efficient and accurate processes, you’ll be able to provide better service to your clients and increase satisfaction to improve your relationships.


Found Our Solution

"We have found eDesk to be very proactive in their work. Having experienced staff in insurance, took away our reservation about the training & level of experience their staff might have."

Cathy Biby
Insurance Risk Partners

Very Satisfied With eDesk

"The eDesk team is qualified and very responsive. They have helped improve productivity at our agency and are quick to adapt to our changing needs."

Chase Fiscus
Fiscus Commercial Insurance

Appreciate Their Support

"I have been working with eDesk for almost one year. I have experienced them as having a professional staff, responsive, always available. I appreciate all of their hard work and the support they give my agency."

Andre Mendez
Faculty Insurance

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