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What We Do

We Provide Remote Employees

Los Angeles based eDesk provides clients nationwide with fully managed remote employees to work for them from our India based operations centres. Our hybrid model of providing each client with an onsite or offsite US based client manager, supported by the offshore team in India, ensures quality and smooth workflow between our clients and their teams in India.

Customer Support

We believe that excellent customer experience isn't just a necessity, it's a competitive advantage. No matter what channel your customers contact you, your virtual employee at edesk will connect with them there to provide an exceptional & timely customer service.

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Back Office

Your customers barely see any of your back office operations, however what happens in the back office directly impacts your customers overall experience with you.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become an unavoidable necessity for businesses of any size. Your team at eDesk will assist you with the various aspects of Marketing from SEO to advanced advertising.

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From prospecting to cold email management your B2B lead generation team at edesk will align their sales process with yours.

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We deliver high quality staffing and recruitment support to diverse industries including Information Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Hospitality & Healthcare staffing sectors...

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Who We Are

Incorporated in California in the year 2000, with a current team of 15 US based managers,supported by over 250 employees in India, eDesk is a quality conscious provider of virtual employee solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Virtual Staffing Company

Los Angeles based eDesk provides you with remote employees to work for them from our India based operations centre. Every client is provided with a US based client manager to train, coordinate...

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Primary Benefits

Great Customer Experiences

Get a competitive edge by taking better care of your customers than your competitors can.

Improved Efficiency

Managing back office tasks is a hidden part of customer service. We will make sure those tasks get done too.

Reduced Cost

eDesk can save you 50% or more on your employee costs.
No insurance. No worker’s comp. No taxes to pay.

Secondary Benefits

No Payroll
No Training Costs
No Supervisor Costs
No Office Space Needed
No Equipment
No IT Costs
No Hassles
No Absenteeism
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Several Happy Customers Nationwide

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. There is no magic formula.

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"eDesk delivered what was promised with both integrity and an enormous desire to provide the best customer support and service possible, all at a great value. I hope to continue working with eDesk for a long time!"

"It is already clear that our decision to work with eDesk is turning out to be a key factor in our global engineering growth."

"Very happy with the solutions and excellent turn-around time by eDesk. Keep up the good work and we look forward to build a long term relationship."

"Building & implementing a recruiting strategy was unique opportunity to partner with eDesk. High level objective was to increase our recruiting scale, performance and significant cost savings."

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