Recipes For Leadership Behaviors That Drive Customer Experience Transformation


Over the many years that I’ve spent doing customer experience work, every leader I’ve worked with has asked for explicit actions that they can take to show their commitment to CX transformation. I’ve spent plenty of time developing these actions through tried and tested methods, and decided to turn them into “recipe cards.” Recipe cards came to mind because I grew up in an Italian household with grandmothers who always cared for my siblings and I, and kept us fed. After a while, I realized that many of their amazing meals consisted of recipes that were rather short, simple, and easy to own. The difference was, they made sure to put their heart and soul into what they did!

The dedication my grandparents had to my family showed me what good leadership looked like. They were providers for the family, similar to how C-Suite leaders are providers for their organizations. As a leader and provider for your organization, you have to think about the customer first; embrace, elevate, and honor them. Your goal for the company should be to focus on improving the lives of your customers. When you improve the lives of your customers and put them first, that’s when you’ll start to see growth.

As a leader and provider for your organization, you have to think about the customer first; embrace, elevate, and honor them.CLICK TO TWEET


These recipe cards include a set of key behaviors that will prove commitment to your customers with united messaging and actions. Don’t take these on all at once. Stair-step them and get agreement with your leadership team – because of course, success can only truly start once your teams operate with a one-company, united goal.

customers as assets recipe 1 customers as assets recipe 2
customers as assets recipe 3 customers as assets recipe 4
customers as assets recipe 5 customers as assets recipe 6

Guess what? I’ve got plenty more recipes for you to follow as you guide your organization through the implementation of a customer experience transformation.

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By Author: Jeanne Bliss
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