A Customer Experience Year in Reflection


For the last 12 months, together with our invaluable beta programme users, we’ve been busy developing a world-class customer intelligence platform.

We’re excited to let you know that the platform – Syngro Eye – is now officially released to market!

Syngro Eye:

eliminates data silos by consolidating all customer feedback, complaints, and interactions;

offers that essential 360° customer view by integrating CX data with other organisational data;

enables you to create the insight that is most relevant to you with self-service reports and dashboards;

allows you to schedule and track follow-up actions with workflow.

See the platform in action.

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Since then, we’ve been developing our software to fit with our customers’ needs and making changes to keep in line with the ever-evolving world that is Customer Experience. This is because there’s also an ever-increasing standard of expectations from customers in today’s world.

Maru/Syngro understands that this means it is vital for organisations to keep up with increased demands. Customers compare the service they ‘experience’ with what they ‘expect’ and when it doesn’t match the expectation, a gap arises.

Continuously improving the quality of Customer Experience reminds us that customers continuously re-evaluate experiences and reassess loyalties. As such, just a few of Syngro Eye features includes advanced text analytics to gain deep customer insight, intelligent aggregation methods to understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’, the opportunity to overlay financial and operational data against CX analytics to allow for forecasting and the ability to set up real-time workflow alerts to ensure you are driving towards a customer-centric organisation.

Looking ahead to 2018 then, it is predicted customers’ expectations will outpace companies’ ability to evolve or invent experiences, as the gap has already widened in 2017. Evolving customer expectations will challenge all organisations.

It is also forecast for 2018 than 10% of transactions will be predicted by CX platforms due to the customer feedback and behaviours. Intelligent platforms will bring together behaviours, emotions and comments and provide rich detail about customers and their spending patterns.

Therefore, Maru/Syngro has been developing its very own predictive analytics module.

This means previous loyalty and financial data will identify customers that are likely to churn or spend less and help you interrogate the reasons why in order to put action plans in to save them.

Reflecting back on the last two years (this blog title really is a working progress) we are looking forward to what the next two years will bring as we continue to listen to our customers, working with leading organisations and institutions to innovate and bring new functionality to our software, to meet and exceed expectations.

A final thank you for your support and interest in Syngro Eye – we look forward to working with you in 2018!

Article Via: Maru/Syngro
By Author: Maru/Syngro
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