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Back Office

Whether clients are looking for service, tech or sales support, our teammates are cross-trained to deliver omnichannel customer care that achieves some of the highest CSAT and NPS scores in the industry.

Content Moderation

We recognize the pivotal role content moderation plays in protecting a brand and keeping companies afloat. We have the processes and team in place to do so effectively, and what’s more, we are great at it.

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Fraud Prevention

In the digital world, most of our client’s services and applications rely heavily on exemplary verification processes to survive. Trust and safety are two of the most valuable services that we offer; they help to protect customers.

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Application Verification

When a business relies on contracted employees or service providers, application verification can become a very critical yet daunting task. We help verify information and perform proper checks to prevent fraud and ensure that only qualified applicants make it through.

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Claims Processing

No matter what a client’s business might be, customer service issues are bound to happen. At eDesk, we help to manage, verify, process and mediate claims in an accurate and timely manner that appeases all parties involved.

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Digital Transcription

From menu transcription for an on-demand delivery service to receipt transcription for an expense report automation platform, eDesk helps with audio and visual transcription needs.

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Photo Retouching

When it comes to eCommerce websites, a picture can make or break a sale. With an experienced team of artistic talent, we ensure that photos look as perfect as possible so that the best possible light shines on our partners’ businesses.

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Enterprise Data Management

It’s true that, as they say, the world runs on data. eDesk researches, verifies and analyzes data for our clients to help ensure accuracy and quality.

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E-Commerce Tagging

An e-commerce website without search functionality is hardly functional or user-friendly. We help identify and implement the appropriate tags and filters to ensure a partner’s customers can find what they are looking for quickly.

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Data Entry

Data entry is one of the most common back office tasks with which growing businesses need help. We help streamline a client’s data entry tasks with our meticulous attention to detail and efficient processes.

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Research is the basis for gathering information to help inform other aspects of clients’ businesses. From online research to deal hunting to lead generation, we provide the tools needed to scale our partners.

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Writing & Content Creation

From product descriptions to business listings, we help make sure our clients’ messages come across clearly to customers. Our highly skilled teammates can write any content that is needed.

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Who We Are

Incorporated in California in the year 2000, with a current team of 15 US based managers,supported by over 250 employees in India, eDesk is a quality conscious provider of virtual employee solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Virtual Staffing Company

Los Angeles based eDesk provides you with remote employees to work for them from our India based operations centre. Every client is provided with a US based client manager to train, coordinate. The fully managed remote workforce becomes an extension of our clients business processes.

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Primary Benefits

Great Customer Experiences

Get a competitive edge by taking better care of your customers than your competitors can.

Improved Efficiency

Managing back office tasks is a hidden part of customer service. We will make sure those tasks get done too.

Reduced Cost

eDesk can save you 50% or more on your employee costs.
No insurance. No worker’s comp. No taxes to pay.

Secondary Benefits

No Payroll
No Training Costs
No Supervisor Costs
No Office Space Needed
No Equipment
No IT Costs
No Hassles
No Absenteeism
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If you are skeptical of how this whole remote employee thing works, we got you covered. We are so confident of our service that, we are offering a no obligation Free Trial of of our service.

You will get to see first hand if this kind of engagement suits your business model. At the end of two weeks if you are not yet convinced you can decide to not signup with us. No obligation or commitment.

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Several Happy Customers Nationwide

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. There is no magic formula.

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"eDesk delivered what was promised with both integrity and an enormous desire to provide the best customer support and service possible, all at a great value. I hope to continue working with eDesk for a long time!"

"It is already clear that our decision to work with eDesk is turning out to be a key factor in our global engineering growth."

"Very happy with the solutions and excellent turn-around time by eDesk. Keep up the good work and we look forward to build a long term relationship."

"Building & implementing a recruiting strategy was unique opportunity to partner with eDesk. High level objective was to increase our recruiting scale, performance and significant cost savings."

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